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Recipe of fun

to A.H.
Another year’s come and gone,
Another couple tons of beer.
It’s something to reflect upon -
Like Hamlet or, indeed, King Lear.
To drink or not – is hard to choose,
If you do not have health or money,
For both are needed for the booze,
And life without - isn’t funny.
The choice is easy otherwise
And to be taken by the clever.
So, here comes our wise advice:
Stay in good health and drink forever!
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Oh) drink or not? It’s a very difficult question) depending on what and with whom)  may by...
Funꞌs recipe? You whant it find?
Why not, if it is very easy –
You can drink beer, lost your mind,
But you must keep in mind one reason.
This thougt should be and not be lost –
Save under circumstances any:
When you spend money - much, much – lot,
You will feel - you need spend a penny...
Right time! and horror – you canꞌt see
wc – is meaning in sense What Come 
The fun.  And recipe is simple,
When understood – you must drink vodka.



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